population health

Population Health Market Entry Strategy & Analysis


Our client was planning on entering multiple markets for a population health joint venture. Each geographic market varied in significant ways - levels of consolidation, readiness of population health model, etc. In order to prepare for each market, our client needed to develop an analytic model and plan to guide the organization.


Connexus Hub partnered with our client and:

  • Researched, analyzed, and summarized the number of members by insurer/payer,premiums by payer and product type, payer performance, and medical expense by product type using CMS as well as syndicated data.
  • Developed a list of providers in each market and their relationships to practice,networks, hospitals, etc.
  • Supported the development of a financial model.
  • Developed a model for provider and payer relationship approaches.
  • Developed plans for priority tasks such as communication and key management processes.


Connexus Hub’s work with our client resulted in a data-driven model that was used to support go-no-go decision for individual markets as well as the development of market entry strategic approaches. This enabled our client to achieve a stronger market position and competitive advantages.

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