Preparing for an Interview

You want to make a great first impression, be very familiar with the organization, and convey how you’re the best candidate for the job.

Do your Homework

Spend a few hours learning everything you can about the organization from as many sources as possible. Read current news releases, spend some time on Google, talk with current and former employees, etc.

Where to Research

  • Company Website—including annual reports, prospectuses, newsletters, etc.

  • LinkedIn

  • WSJ, Hoovers, etc.

  • Edgar –The SEC’s database which includes SEC filings by any publicly traded company

  • News articles online

  • Online reviews (i.e.:

Practice. Practice. Practice.

It’s essential to spend time thinking carefully about your skills, accomplishments, and your answers to some common interview questions. Make sure to have your “tell me about yourself" response ready to go.

Practice looking in the mirror and answer your responses out loud. Have your friends conduct some mock interviews. You can even record yourself. This prep work will help you clarify your thoughts and make you much more comfortable during the interview.