Technology Channel Partner Strategy


In order to support out technology client's growth, they needed to understand the opportunity size and effort required to manage an effective Microsoft 365 reseller partnership line of business. They asked Connexus Hub to conduct a market assessment and help develop their channel partner strategy.


Working closely with our client, we:

  • Performed a bottom-up and top-down analysis of opportunities with MS 365 partners.

  • Developed a model to assess each current MSFT 365 resellers in pipeline and prioritize whether to increase effort with each reseller or to decrease current level of effort.

  • Helped develop and define a strategy for this channel


Connexus Hub's model helped our client utilize their resources more effectively. They were able to clearly articulate their partnership strategy to their organization and gain internal alignment. Our client developed relationships with prime partners which helped accelerate their growth.

Our commitment to confidentiality prevents us from disclosing the identity of our clients and other confidential information.