Connexus Hub brings expertise across the medtech, payers, and delivery systems on topics critical to their success across the full spectrum of strategy, operations, market intelligence. 


Market Intelligence

We deliver market-competitive research and strategic analyses our clients need to navigate this heavily regulated and globalizing industry, We monitor global and regional perspectives across market segments such as medical devices and healthcare information technology. We deliver detailed market assessments and help our clients understand perceptions of the competitor and purchasing behaviors. We conduct qualitative and quantitative research, assess the results, and synthesize the information in order to give you a clear picture of your competitive position in the market. 



We assist clients in evaluating potential opportunities - we help identify market opportunities and help develop and execute growth strategies. We help our clients understand the complexities of the market and identify critical success factors. We help clients identify and implement improvements to product mix, go-to-market systems, and sales and marketing strategies. 


Technology & Information Strategy

We help healthcare organizations harness IT systems and solutions that can improve the performance and efficiency of key business functions. 

Examples of our Work

We have substantial experience serving healthcare clients. Recent projects include:

  • Helping a population health client with market entry strategic decisions. The markets varied in significant ways - levels of consolidation, readiness of population health model, etc. Connexus Hub conducted extensive market research and data analysis in order to understand the market, provider relationships with networks, hospitals, and facilities, level of consolidation, and key developments. The research supported the development of financial models and go/no-go decisions for each market, and market entry strategic approaches.
  • Developing insights into the needs and priorities for healthcare facilities and research labs as it pertains to cold storage solutions. Connexus Hub identified the sub-markets within healthcare and research labs that would be the most interesting in purchasing benchtop freezers, market sizes, current freezer utilization, purchasing factors and priority, competitors, and industry test methods or standards to improve freezer performance or regulatory requirements.
  • Assessing market perceptions and market insights in order to gain market leadership. Connexus Hub used primary and secondary research to gather data on perceptions of our client’s competition. We helped our client assess their strengths, the competitive situation, and formulate appropriate sales and marketing strategies.

Case Studies