Proven results - By consolidating vendors and optimizing infrastructure, reduced operating costs by 45% for a $1B customer.

Experience - Successfully managed complex projects including a $60M infrastructure outsourcing project, implementation of EHR systems, and healthcare analytics project to optimize operational processes.

Scale & agility - Agile deployment teams, rapidly deploy project teams across the CONUS within days.

Integrated approach - Combine technical delivery with project, program, and service management expertise.


Our Approach

Intelligent, tailor-made solutions

We work with our clients to put together a practical project plan. We align resources, timeline, and budget, setting a strong foundation for success.


We gather relevant information using internal and external resources and analyze data in order to deliver insights that are relevant and practical.


We provide strategic recommendations that help our clients address business challenges.


Government agencies and commercial businesses love working with us because:

We Deliver Result

  • We help organizations realize measurable results - increased sales, decreased costs, improved performance.

Customer Support

  • Our dedicated account members ensure that all aspects of the project run smoothly.
  • We value proactive communication and 1-day customer response times.

Award-Winning Team 

  • We have received the L-3 Communications Vendor of the Month award.
  • Experienced, key staff members are Lean Six Sigma Certified.


Connexus Hub was founded with a customer-first philosophy. We understand the need for responsiveness quality control, and proactive communications. Everything we do at Connexus Hub revolves around meeting the needs of our customers and providing superior customer experiences. Our approach is always centered around our customers. We believe that relationships matter. A good relationship with customers has to be earned every day, by building trust and authentic connections with people.