Market Intelligence

We believe that data is only as powerful as the analysis and insights tied to it—and we are putting that power in the hands of our clients. We ensure that the research practices we follow deliver insights that are relevant, appropriate and practical for your business. We use our expertise and experience to deliver intelligent, tailor-made solutions. We provide strategic recommendations that go beyond research, helping our clients to answer their fundamental business challenges. We help clients with the following:


  • Market size, growth, economics
  • Customer analysis, segmentation 

  • Competitive landscape
  • Feasibility analysis

  • Customer analysis, segmentation 

  • Trends, future outlook


  • Customer perceptions
  • Voice of the customer 

  • Customer interviews
  • Focus groups

Examples of our Work

Recent projects include:

  • Assessing market perceptions and market insights in order to gain market leadership. Connexus Hub used primary and secondary research to gather data on perceptions of our client’s competition. We helped our client assess their strengths, the competitive situation, and formulate appropriate sales and marketing strategies.
  • Developing insights into the needs and priorities for healthcare facilities and research labs as it pertains to cold storage solutions. Connexus Hub identified the sub-markets within healthcare and research labs that would be the most interesting in purchasing benchtop freezers, market sizes, current freezer utilization, purchasing factors and priority, competitors, and industry test methods or standards to prove freezer performance or regulatory requirements.Plan, develop, and implement go-to-market strategies.

  • Profiling a competitor in the email technology space. Connexus Hub developed a framework for competitive analysis of our client's offerings versus those of their competitor and analyzed the value proposition, features, pricing, and other factors in order to develop offensive and defensive strategies.